Friday, December 2, 2011

The New Porsche 911 Is Unveiled for 2012

Even since Porsche's humble beginnings, the company has always pursued different directions that some other car manufacturers have and broke new ground in technology and design advances, which is still something Porsche continues today. The company originally was founded and established by Dr. Ferdinand Porsche, who was an Austrian automotive engineer, in 1931.

Ferdinand Porsche's early years were spent as a design engineer and consultant, which led him to create some of his best known vehicles. In fact he was responsible for creating the very first hybrid vehicle (gasoline-electric), the Volkswagen Beetle, also the Mercedes-Benz SSK/SS, as well as the first of many Porsche cars that bore his name, which were to become the forerunner of the famous Porsche 356, 550 and 911 models. Ferdinand Porsche is also credited developing the first race car with mid-engine, rear-wheel drive layout, called the 1923 Benz "Tropfenwagen".

Fast forward to the current day and Porsche is still breaking new ground, while changing the shape of the motoring world, especially the luxury car market, as Porsche just announced their new Porsche 911 which will make its debut and start production in 2012.

The new Porsche 911 (or as Porsche refer to it, the 991 model) will be available initially in two versions "the Carrera and the Carrera S". The Porsche 911 is still the backbone of Porsche's worldwide business and success. It is also a very competitive model which has been involved in motor-sport and synonymous with motor racing since its inception in 1963; having competed in races like the 24 hour Le Mans to grueling (tested to the limit) races like the Paris to Dakar rally.

Everything about the Porsche 911 is race proven and race-bred, the new 911 follows firmly in its predecessor's footsteps with its overall look and feel. Although this is a redesign, as opposed to just a face-lift, body-wise the over all aesthetics and shape are a 911, but the car has received some clever nip and tucks. This new 911 has much sleeker looking on appearance, with a slightly longer wheel-base and its wider body, than its for-runner 911 (the 997 model), this is aimed firmly at giving the new car greatly improved handling and stability.

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